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Wills and Powers of Attorney

Wills & Powers of Attorney

What is included: 

  • A legal document which states how you want your assets to be distributed after your death
  • Allows you to name a person to carry out your wishes stated in your will (Executor or Estate Trustee)
  • Allows you to name a person to take care of your children (Guardian)
  • Plans your estate to minimize taxes

Importance of a Will

No matter the value of your assets or your financial situation, a Will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever sign. It provides instructions on how you would like your estate to be managed by a trusted person. A will also outlines how your assets will be distributed after your death. This document also stipulates who will take care of your children if something were to happen to both parents while they are minors.


Without a Will 

  • Your estate may not be distributed according to your wishes and intentions
  • You may be leaving important decisions concerning your assets up to the government
  • Your death could cause legal and administrative burdens for your loved ones
  • Your death could create uncertainty for your children and potential conflicts for your loved ones
  • Your death could cause your estate to pay more taxes than necessary

Powers of Attorney 

Legal documents that allow you to name a trusted person(s) to make your important decisions on your behalf.
There are two types of Powers of Attorney: Property and Personal Care.
  • Property- relating to your financial affairs when you either want someone else to manage your affairs and/or when you are no longer capable of doing so
  • Personal Care- relating to your health and personal care decisions when you are not capable of making them yourself

Multiple Product Discount

If you are already a client of Nexera Law Group (Professional Corporation) Consider taking advantage of our multiple product discount.
Receive 20% off of our regular price for Wills and Powers of Attorney if you complete the process within 60 days of your closing with us.


Single Estate Planning Pricing: $549.00 (+HST)
Couples' Estate Planning Pricing: $899.00 (+HST)
  • An administrative fee of $100.00 (+HST) will be charged and due if for any reason you do not complete your estate planning process
  • You must complete the process within 60 days of closing your transaction, however you must submit a filled out questionnaire within 30 days to receive our multiple product discount
  • Additional services are available for an hourly rate
For more information on wills, please contact us and a Nexera representative will be in touch soon.

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