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Residential Real Estate Law

Nexera Law Group is a leading Residential Real Estate Law Firm in Ontario. We focus on making our client’s experience convenient and comfortable because we make house calls.

Time is at a premium which is why our innovative technology and highly-experienced team of lawyers and law clerks allow us to interact with you regardless of location through our proprietary software and V-Close service.

We have the experience and expertise to resolve any issues that may arise during your residential real estate transaction.

When you choose Nexera Law Group, you’re choosing convenience.

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Wills & POA's

Nexera Law Group is here to help with your Estate Planning needs. We make the process quick and easy with our innovative technology and commitment to convenience. Most clients have their estate plan completed in two weeks without coming to our offices!

We look forward to helping you with your estate planning needs.

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WHY Nexera?

What is Your Time Worth?

When you choose Nexera Law Group, you’re choosing a law firm who cares about your time. We offer in home signing services for your convenience on evenings, weekends and any time between because we accommodate your busy lifestyle.

So ask yourself… What is your time worth?

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WHY Nexera?

Transparent Pricing

Nexera Law Group structures our fees to be inclusive and transparent. We offer full quotes to all clients and strive to eliminate unexpected fees at closing.

Our goal is to offer the best service to all our clients.

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WHY Nexera?

Our Technology

From the first click on our website to the closing of your transaction, we are committed to user friendly technology with a focus on convenience. By utilizing secure wireless data networks for video conferencing and our proprietary client portal, we ensure our clients have access to the most innovative form of real estate transaction processing anywhere.

Let us show you how our technology is changing the way real estate transactions happen.

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Nexera Law Group collects frequently asked questions and offers conveniently located answers. Should you have anymore questions contact us.

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