One simple goal - to make the residential real estate closing process more convenient for the client than the lawyer.

Electronic Portals

Client Portal

Technology has created an interconnected world that enables us to stay up to date on everything, all the time!
Being in the loop is a must for the modern day citizen and Nexera Law Group understands that - so we have created a proprietary client portal that ensures you get up to date information in real time.
Our proprietary Client Portal ensures every client is aware of the progress of each transaction, every step of the way.

Mortgage Brokers

As a mortgage professional, you are busy enough trying to maximize your effectiveness and efficiency to provide your clients with the superior service they have come to expect. Our innovative electronic portal rewards your effort. You can use our electronic portal to: 
  • automate emails to clients months before their mortgage maturity date 
  • remind them of their upcoming renewal 
  • remind them of the amazing service they received (from you), by sending your contact information
By sending your clients your contact information, we provide convenient and instant access to you for their renegotiation needs. This technology helps keep you top-of-mind and is just one of the ways Nexera Law Group is redefining the way legal services are delivered. 


As a real estate professional, you are already wearing the many hats your clients demand while providing the superior service they have come to expect. Our innovative electronic portal rewards your effort.
You can use our electronic portal to ensure your files are submitted without delay. This provides peace of mind to your clients, knowing that a lawyer has received their file. 
This technology that helps you stay on top of the details, is just one of the ways Nexera Law Group is redefining the way legal services are delivered. 

Digital Arm

Our digital Arm executes your one-time-use physical signature onto hard copy documents using any mobile or tablet device. In real-time a hard copy document is placed on the LongPen™ Printer that enables single or multiple signers to apply their one-time use, biometrically accurate signature with a pen on any type of document.  The LongPen™ Printer executes your biometric signature with the same speed, cadence and pressure onto any hard copy document. This executed document is an original that can be reviewed by forensic document examiners to confirm identity and originality for the purpose of nonrepudiation.  This Patented Solution is further securitized by the Syngrafii Transactional MasterFile™ - a proprietary non-repudiation engine that provides organizations with a complete transaction history along with evidence of the identity, execution and intent of the signer to the transaction while delivering critical meta-data for business analysis and optimization.  A unique QR Code is created for each required and authorized signing participant to validate access to the final document with agreement and intent of the transaction. This ensures that the signer receives a copy of the executed document.

Click here to access our digital arm. 

I would like to say how very well Ashley worked on my behalf during this Mortgage procedure. Every email was quickly responded to and all questions answered. I am very proud to have had such a professional team at work for me!

Suzanne W. (Client)
April 03, 2019

It has been a pleasure doing business with your firm. Elvira was very helpful and provided the information in an easy way to understand what was required over the past weeks. I certainly would recommend your firm if asked.

Lynette M. (Client)
April 04, 2019

Thank you for everything Susan. I wanted to make a point of saying that you were very pleasant to deal with. I hope we can team up again in the future.

Dan C. (Mortgage Professional)
April 04, 2019

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you hard work and efforts last week. I know you did everything in your power and even beyond to get things done. Thank you again for the great experience. Warmest Regards.

Jesse B. (Client)
April 05, 2019

Very professional and trustworthy people. Recommend to everybody. Many special thanks to Elvira Ricci. My situation was more complicated than others, including property title transfer with my ex, etc., etc. I've contacted many lawyers with no luck, while Elvira found an easy and inexpensive way out through Nexera Law. Thank you again for everything!

Boris G. (Client)
April 05, 2019

I do appreciate your speedy responses. I know this is not always easy. Your prompt attention to this is very much appreciated. Have a good day!

Harriet T. (Client)
April 15, 2019

Excellent. Thank you SO much. You are the best law clerk I have ever dealt with. Responsive, friendly and on top of things!

Naushy S. (Mortgage Professional)
April 16, 2019