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Andrei Teju

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Phone: 1-800-567-4878 ext. 219

Trust. Excellence. Justice. Understanding.

This is what you can expect with Andrei Teju as your lawyer. Andrei is a dedicated civil litigator who is willing and ready to represent you in your legal dispute at all costs. As a graduate of Osgoode Hall law school with a broad range of civil litigation experiences from top regional law firms, including personal injury and commercial litigation matters, Andrei has spent the past few years sharpening his legal skill set to provide you with high quality legal advice no matter the issue. Whether you’re injured in a serious car accident, during an unfortunate slip and fall, or by a neighbour's dangerous pet, you can always rely on a silver-tongued fighter like Andrei to have your back.

As an arduous defender of individual freedoms, Andrei has worked with some of Canada’s largest civil liberties organizations to protect the Charter rights and privacy interests of hardworking Canadians. Andrei’s background in science allows him to analytically parse the issues before him and meticulously plan the right course for your specific litigation needs. With a keen mind and a passionate heart, Andrei will see your dispute through to the very end, no holds barred.

On his spare time, Andrei loves to train hard at the gym, catch up on his favorite epic fantasy TV shows, and relax watching his (the best) football team play on Sundays. He’s also a well cultured traveller who loves to explore historical European cities and, occasionally, take it easy on a Caribbean beach with a margarita…

If you’re struggling with a serious legal dispute and this sounds like your guy, give Andrei a call today, he’ll pursue your cause without delay.