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Innovating for your convenience

One simple goal - to make the residential real estate closing process more convenient for the client than the lawyer.

Innovative Approach

V-Close Ontario

What Is A V-close?
Nexera Law Group (Professional Corporation) is the only residential real estate law firm in the country that conducts remote video purchase and sale sign ups using mobile video conferencing equipment.
On The Client's End
The entire process is facilitated by one of Nexera’s commissioned signing officers who attends the client’s requested location equipped with the necessary hardware. When ready, the signing officer and lawyer establish a secure data link through a 4G wireless connection (where available) and specialized communications software. Once connected, the lawyer and client are able to see each other on screen with full audio. Through the software, the lawyer presents and explains the entire signing package, and the client sees every document in real time, on the screen of a signing officer’s laptop.
How Are My Documents Signed?
After the explanation of each document, the client is directed by the lawyer to sign their papers. The signing officer is present throughout and commissions documents as necessary. After all the documents have been signed, the physical documents are returned to Nexera’s office for final processing and registration.
We Are Innovators in Real Estate Law
Our clients no longer have to take time out of their busy day to come into the real estate lawyer's office to sign their closing paperwork. We go to our clients at their home or office, during evenings or weekends anywhere in Ontario. V-Close is all about convenience.
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Paperless Signing

Need signatures in a hurry? Nexera Law Group (Professional Corporation) is at the forefront of Real Estate Conveyancing in Canada.
Our Network of In-Home Signing Officers have the capability to get your signature in your home without the paper! This allows us to have your documents in our office immediately after signing. 
Electronic signatures (Vsign) replace paper documents and allow our clients to sign them electronically via a tablet.  The result is a legally signed document that is automatically sent to the office via Nexera's secured servers  through a secured internet connection, right from your home after you finish with our In-Home Signing Officer, eliminating unnecessary scanning and faxing of documents.
Our current processing environment produces legal closing documentation without having to print a single piece of paper. The only time we require paper is when a client's “wet” signature is required for transactions and jurisdictions where an electronic signature is not permissible.
Where permissible and available, Nexera Law Group uses tablet computers and electronic signature pads to completely eliminate the need for a “wet” signature. The client no longer requires a hundred pieces of paper because we provide copies of all documents through our unique Client Portal. 

Client Portal

Technology has created an interconnected world that ensures we can stay up to date on everything, all the time!
Being in the loop is a must for the modern day citizen and Nexera Law Group understands that so we have created a proprietary client portal that ensures you get up to date information in real time.
Our proprietary Client Portal ensures every client is aware of the progress of each transaction, every step of the way.

Wanted to say it was a pleasure working with Nexera Law Group this past month. We had a property closing on July 14th, and were stuck when our previous lawyer decided to inform us they were "short staffed" and could no longer process our closing. Needless to say, we were not happy with them, but your firm was suggested to us by our mortgage broker. Sue P was the senior law clerk handling this file and she was extremely helpful and responsive to all of my questions. Everyone from Christina (the administrator who first acknowledged our request), to Sue, to Elaine and our signor who came to our house - were extremely professional and efficient. We were very grateful that Nexera helped us to close our deal on time, and also really loved the remote signing option. It was extremely convenient and saved us a lot of time. Thanks again to you and your team. We will definitely be using Nexera again in the future.

Alice S (Client)
August 01, 2017

Excellent and very efficient service provided by this team. Appreciate the effort put in and update on every detail through the life of the transaction. Will surely work with your team Sanjay in the future if we need any assistance on real estate.

Ravi U (Client)
August 01, 2017

I just wanted to express our thanks to you, Edward and Sanjay for your quick work on our behalf. My wife and I are great full for all that was done in such short time. Thanks! We definitely will be calling you for any future needs.

Stephen G (Client)
August 01, 2017

We look forward to working with you again. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Sarah M (Mortgage Professional)
August 04, 2017

Thanks for the speedy service Julia.

Perry P (Mortgage Professional)
August 08, 2017